Location: Epirus

Ioannina - Zagorochoria - Metsovo

We travel to the historic city of Ioannia in Epirus and the picturesque villages of Zagorochoria and Metsovo

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After the traditional braking of the dishes in Arta during the first Resurrection on great Saturday, we arrive at Ioannina. Ioannina, the capital of Epirus, grows around the beautiful Lake Pamvotis. Inside the city, the many sights and museums offer the sense of another era, full of secrets and legends. The entire historic center of Ioannina is a unique sight. The imposing castle of Ioannina was built in 528 AD. by Emperor Justinian. It is the oldest Byzantine fortress of the Greek territory, with uninterrupted history. Over the years, it has evolved into a real state in which the intellectual life of Ioannina has progressed to a high degree. Ali Pasha lived in this same castle, this emblematic and enigmatic figure of the Ottoman Empire. His great love for the notorious Kyra - Frosini has left a loud echo that still vibrates the history of the city. We visit Its Kale, the acropolis of the castle where there are the ruins of the Serai of Ali Pasha, the Fetihe Mosque and the chapel of Agioi Anargyroi built in 1918 above the treasury of Ali Pasha.

The beautiful and famous Zagorochoria are 46 villages located in the mountains close to Ioannina. The most characteristic buildings of Zagori are the stone bridges that are scattered all over the area and are remarkable examples of the folk architecture of Epirus. Their fame is well known throughout Greece and the Balkans and many of them have been declared historic monuments. We visit some of the most famous bridges such as Kokoros, the Kalogeriko and more.

Metsovo is one of the most traditional mountain settlements in Greece. It is a popular winder tourist destination but also for all seasons. We taste the delicious food at one of the many taverns and we watch the preparation of a traditional wedding.