Location: Central Greece

Lamia - Ypati - Volos

We travel to the center of Greek mainland, to the city of Lamia and the near by thermal spa of Ypati, also to Volos the city of the famous Argonauts.

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We visit the historic capital of Central Greece, Lamia, located in the center of the country. Nearby are the Ypati spa baths, known for its healing properties since the 4th century BC. The bathroom building is set amidst a lush green park and many shops and hotels are nearby. Finally, we pass by the traditional Amfissa, the capital of the prefecture of Fokida, and admire its beautiful neoclassical buildings.

Continuing our journey we arrive at Nea Anchialos, a seaside town near Volos with remarkable tourist traffic. We enjoy our swim on the red pebble beach and continue to Volos the capital of Magnesia county. The beautiful city is associated with the famous Argonautic Campaign, one of the most important epics of Greek mythology. Volos is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. Its wealth and great history are reflected in the architectural structure of the city. The many mansions, public mansions, early 20th century museums and historic churches make the tour of Volos truly enjoyable. It also has one of the most important ports in Greece and is famous for many tsipouradika that serve tsipoyro drink with special meze.