Location: Pelloponese

Achaia - Aigialia

We travel to Northern Peloponnese to the picturesques villages of Niforeika and Psathopyrgos, the famous sandy beach of Kalogria, the city of Egio and finaly on the Alpine landscape of Akrata mountains and lake Tsivlou.

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Kalogria Coast is located in the northwest Peloponnese and is 45 km from Patras and 250 km from Athens. It is an oasis, an idyllic and exotic image, a 9-kilometer golden sand, with crystal-clear blue water, while the natural beauty of the pine forest of Strofilia (20,000 acres along the beach).

The beach of the traditional village of Niforeika, reminiscent of the Cycladic islands. Peaceful and clean sea, whitewashed buildings and windmills perched on the rocks and many hotels and restaurants. All this a few kilometers from Patra, near Kato Achaia.

Psathopyrgos is a picturesque village just 18 km from Patras. His name was taken from a wicker tower that was a refuge for the fishermen. Very beautiful place with crystal clear waters, a picturesque harbor with fishing boats and many coffee and food shops giving the visitor the feeling of being on an island.

On the way from Akrata to the mountainous village of Zarouhla we come across a fairytale natural lake in an environment reminiscent of an Alpine landscape. Tsivlou Lake is located on Mount Helmos in the Achaia Prefecture, at an altitude of 800 meters and was created just in 1913. Its banks are ideal for hiking and cycling, while some choose the lake for rowing or swimming in its cool waters during the summer months. . We visit the beautiful lake which however has a dark and tragic history.

The city of Aigio is built amphitheatrically on a hill overlooking the Corinthian Gulf is the second largest city after Achaia, after Patras. A special feature of the city of Aigio is the lush central square of High Alonia with the neo-Gothic tower (1900) - formerly a Weather Station and Heros memorial. Watch it from above with a drone's glance.