Location: Epirus


We travel to the traditional city of Arta and the little island of Koronisia in Epirus, Greece

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One could call it a city ornament of Epirus with the famous stone bridge, the rich area of Amvrakikos Gulf, its historical and other sights. Inside the city there are many Byzantine churches. We take a walk in the city and then visit the archaeological museum. The finds come from the area of Arta and cover a long period from the Paleolithic period to Roman times.

After we visit the legendary bridge of Arta. The 17th-century bridge is stone-built, with a length of 142 meters and crosses the Arachthos River in the city of Arta. It became famous by the homonymous legendary folk song that refers to its "human sacrifice" foundation. The term "Bridge of Arta" is also used for projects that are late to be completed.

The next destination is Koronissia, a part of a unique natural beauty village-island in the center of the Amvrakikos Gulf. It has 167 permanent residents and is about 25 km from the city of Arta. It is accessible by road as it is connected with a strip of land with the mainland. The taverns on the island are always supplied with fresh fish, since most of its inhabitants are engaged in fishing. In Koronissia one can visit the important Byzantine monument, the 10th-century temple of Our Lady, with its beautiful wood-carved iconostasis and the 17th-century frescoes that have been preserved recently. On June 12th, the memory of the protector of the area, Osiou Onoufriou, was honored in a monastery on the island of Koronissia, while on 8 September the Virgin is celebrated.