Location: Central Greece

Astakos - Mytikas - Paleros

We travel to the beautiful town of Astakos, Mytikas and Paleros on the way to Lefkada Island.

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The Journey Starts Here

We start our journey with a stop at the historical city of Aetoliko. We continue to the village of Lesini where we admire the Byzantine church of the 13th century Virgin Mary. The decorative elements of its masonry are truly unique. After a nice route we reach Astakos city. Astakos is a picturesque town with traditional houses with courtyards and natural beauties that combine mountain and sea. In the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAstakos there are spotless emerald beaches and small bays ideal for summer dives. The city has good tourist infrastructure with restaurants, tavernas, cafes as well as fine hotels. We explore the city and admire it from above.

We then visit the picturesque village of Mytikas in Greece. Its name came from the fact that it looks like a "nose" that enters the Ionian Sea. It has traditional architecture buildings and beaches with turquoise water. Within a short distance you will find the beautiful islands of Kalamos and Kastos.

We continue to Paleros the charming town that is famous for its beaches. Many tourists, Greeks and foreigners, visit it in the summer and enjoy its beauties.