Location: Peloponnese

Pyrgos - Katakolo - Ancient Olympia

We travel to the famous birth place of the Olympic games and the beautiful capital of Ilia Pyrgos with its Port Katakolo.

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Pyrgos is the capital of the prefecture of Ilia. It is located in the western Peloponnese about 100 km south of Patras. Many are the sights of the city of Pyrgos, mainly neoclassical buildings, the central paved square, churches and monasteries of great historic importance. The Lazio Municipal Hall, the Municipal Market and the Municipal Theater "Apollo" are beautiful examples of neoclassical. Ornaments of the city are also the Municipal Art Gallery and the Public Library with 20,000 volumes.

Afrer Pyrgos we arrive at Olympia where ee enter the archaeological site. We see the Gymnasium where the athletes' training took place, the Temple of Hera or else Heraion, where many votive offerings were kept, among which was the famous Hermes of Praxiteles and the sacred truce disc and the and the place where the Olympic Flame lights . The kindle of the Olympic Flame takes place before each Olympiad in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčancient Olympia and announces the beginning of the Olympic Games. The simple and symbolic ritual is taking place at the altar which is in the place of the temple of Hera (Iraion)

We continue our visit to the archaeological site of ancient Olympia. We go to the ancient Stadium from its entrance, which was only for the rectors, athletes and heroes. The stadium of Olympia had a capacity of 45,000 spectators. Also in the Temple of Zeus, which was built in 456 BC, it is a model sample of the Doric order and inside it was preserved the most important dedication of Olympia, the golden ivory statue of Zeus. Finally, the workshop of Pheidias was preparing for the construction of the chryselephantine statue in the Temple of Zeus. Inside the workshop there are the ruins of an early Christian church.

Finally we go to Katakolo, a beautiful seaside town with a rich history. The port of Katakolo was built in the 19th century for the export of raisin to Europe. Today, the buildings of the raisins have been restored and converted into cafes and tavernas. It is the second port of cruise ships approaches after that of Piraeus. Katakolo and the surrounding area are a beautiful tourist resort combining mountain, green and sea. Within small distance are Pyrgos, capital of the prefecture of Ilia and the ancient Olympia.