Location: Central Greece

Preveza - Parga

We travel to the town of Preveza in Greece, the city of the three castles and beautiful Parga the city that looks and feels just like a Greek Island.

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One of the most beautiful cities of Epirus, Preveza, meets the blooming Ionian Sea and the tranquil Amvrakikos gulf. The city loos like an island with a marvelous waterfront, a marina full of sailing, many restaurants and cafes. We take a walk to the pedestrianized beach overlooking the beautiful buildings and yachts of every size and nationality. We see the Venetian Tower of Clock and the beautiful church of Saint Charalambos. Nearby we visit Mytikas and the wonderful beach of Monolithi. Leaving at the exit of the city is Ancient Nikopolis founded by the Romans. Its archaeological site is today the largest ancient city in Greece and it certainly deserved the visit along with the archaeological museum.