Location: Macedonia

Chalkidiki - Stavros - Arnea - Ouranoupolis

We travel to Chalkidiki area with the amazing beaches and popular villages by the sea like Stavros and Ouranoupolis, the gate to Mount Athos.

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Stavros is a tourist destination located on the road to ancient Stagira and Ouranoupolis, the gate of Mount Athos. It has five kilometers of sandy coastline with organized sections with umbrellas - sunbeds and water sports. The trees and the green surround the village and reach the beach. Fresh fish and seafood are served at the local taverns. Within a few km distance of Stavros one can visit Thessaloniki, Kavala, Serres, Drama, Amphipolis, Philippi and Polygyros. It was a good alternative to staying before visiting Mount Athos as Ouranoupolis is about an hour's drive away. Many foreign tourists, mainly Serbs, flock to the area in summer but there are plenty of accommodation for all tastes and budgets.

We take a walk in Arnea, one of the most beautiful mountainous citys in Chalkidiki at an altitude of 600 meters. A large number of old traditional houses, of significant architectural value, are preserved throughout the city. We also visit Ierissos with its crystal clear beach and the large seaside promenade.

We arrived at Ouranoupolis on the third "leg" of Chalkidiki. I take a swim in the crystal clear waters and eat in one of the many beachfront restaurants - taverns. Night walks in the city that has tourism but is quiet and ideal for families. Relaxation and the next day I enter Mount Athos.